• Classroom Procedures for
    Mrs. Judge

    Projects:  It is my belief that hands-on work will supplement any class work that is done.  Learning centers, bulletin boards, math games, and projects will all be presented for student involvement in hopes of increasing student motivation.  Any work done on such projects will be graded as a quiz.  Lack of participation will result in a zero.


    Homework:  Success in mathematics comes from practice.  Homework will be given on a regular basis and is expected to be completed.  Homework will be checked randomly for completeness.  If absent, it is up to the student to get any missed work and hand in any missed assignments!  Homework may NOT be made up otherwise!  Homeworks are worth 5 points apiece and will be checked approximately 15 times.


    Quizzes:  Quizzes will be given once a week, on average.  Quizzes will be composed of no more that 3 sections at a time.  All quizzes will be announced ahead of time, unless behavior requires pop quizzes.


    Do-Nows:  Every student will be responsible for a “do-now” each day.  A missing do-now is equivalent to a missing homework assignment.  “Do-now’s must be made up if absent.  All do-nows must be completed in a separate notebook section within 5 minutes of the bell.  Students will have a pdn quiz at the end of each quarter.


    Tests: A test will be given upon the completion of each chapter.  Each test will be worth 100 points.  All work must be shown to receive full credit for each problem.  Cheating results in an automatic 0.
    **Any missed quizzes or tests must be made up within 1 week of the test day.  After 1 week, incompletion will result in a 0. Missed work will be kept in a class folder and it is up to the student to check for missed work.**


    Final Examinations:  Final exams will be cumulative and will be similar to the problems provided on a practice test/review sheet.


    Rules:  The Four Be’s: 

    1.      Be here.

    2.      Be ready.

    3.      Be responsible.

    4.      Be respectful.


    Consequences:  Failure to follow the rules and procedures will result in any of the following:

    1.      Warning

    2.      Teacher-student conference: meet with the student individually to discuss his or her behavior.

    3.      Parent conference:  phone home and plan a meeting with parents to discuss improper behavior.

    4.      Take matters to the principal:  this may involve the student receiving a detention or suspension.

    *Note: consequences can immediately be moved to a higher level, 
    depending on the seriousness of the matter.


    Classroom Procedures:

    • You are expected to be ON TIME…this means in your desk ready to begin when the bell rings.
    • There is to be NO FOOD OR DRINK in the room at any time.
    • Class ends when I dismiss you. You are NOT to congregate next to the door waiting for the bell to ring.
    • If you have extra time in class, you should be finishing the homework for the week, or looking ahead to the next section.
    • If a calculator is used, it must be returned in the appropriate spot before you leave.  Calculator misuse will result in doing everything by hand.