• This Electrical & Industrial Technology program offers students a variety of choice studies.


    All students start with Residential Electricity and then they can concentrate their studies in the following areas:


    *Industrial Wiring & Motor Control

    *Robotics / Mechatronics / Pneumatics’

    *PLC’S (Programmable Logic Controller's) and Panel View.

    Currently the students learn Allen Bradley® Micro Logix® software.

    PLC Hardware includes:

    1100, 1200 and 1400 Micrologix

    SLC 500 Systems

    5000 Trainers with 5000 Hardware, A VFD and Panel View With Studio 5000

    *Green Technology (Solar / Wind Energy Using Solar Cells and *Wind Turbines

    Electronics / Computer / Computer Technology


    NEW FOR 2019-2020 SCHOOL YEAR!

    Students are building an AM/FM radio



     Student learn:

    • Soldering Technics

    • Transistors, Coils and Capacitors


    • Op Amps (How amplifiers work)


    • Basics of Receiving and Transmitting




    Senior students are eligible for the CO-OP program where they will work in the field instead of coming to class.

    Students who graduate from this program will have a life-time career of easy to find, high paying jobs. Electrical & Industrial Technology is a "HIGH PRIORITY" occupation which means there is huge demand for trained workers. 


     For more information contact: 


    Mr. A. Sandutch, Instructor