• Testing Procedures


    ·         Final averages will be based on the Reading tests after each story. Along with the tests, there will be quizzes on vocabulary, tests on comprehension and story skills, projects, special assignments, and class participation.   
                                        25% tests
                                        25% quizzes
                                        25% projects
                                        12.5% class participation
                                        12.5% homework


    ·         Final averages will be based on quizzes, end of the unit tests, writing assignments, and class participation. 
                                                  35% tests/writing assignments
                                        35% quizzes
                                        15% Homework 
                                        15% participation 


    ·         Spelling tests will be given when all skills are completed. Students will be given at least two days notice before the test.  Grades are based on weekly spelling tests, class participation, and homework.  

                                          70% tests
                                           15% class participation
                                           15% homework                                    


    • Students are given a 100% in each subject at the start of every new marking period for their homework grade.  As long as homework is completed with their best effort, your child will keep his/her 100%. Students' homework percentage will be posted biweekly in each Subject in Skyward. If a student misses a homework assignment 5 points are deducted from their homework grade. If a student is absent they are expected to make up missed homework. Parents/Guardians will be notified after three missed assignments. Major papers or projects handed in after the deadline will have ten points per day deducted.
                         District Grading Policy
                                          A= 100-93
                                          B=  92-85
                                          C=  84-77
                                          D=  76-70
                                          F=  69 or below