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    In order to have consistency within the school, the following consequences will be given a student who misses homework assignments. Below are the consequences for each missed assignment per quarter. (The slate is wiped clean at the beginning of each quarter.)
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Note to parent informing them that the child's homework grade is being affected by missing assignments. Parental feedback with email or signature required.
    3. Second notice to parents informing them that the child has now missed his/her third homework assignment for the quarter and that any further missed assignments will result in a mandatory parent conference to create an action plan. Homework grade is affected.
    4. Guidance counselor will be informed by teacher and a conference with the parents and student will be made to create an action plan. Student's homework grade is lowered.
    5. If student continues to miss assignments, parents will be called in again, and the action plan will be revisited.