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    Susan Mac a'Bhaird
    Email: macabhairds@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 ext. 81114
    Grade (s): 9th  grade through age 21!
    Subject (s): Life Skills English, Math, Social Studies and Science
    Welcome to the Life Skills' website! We are an eclectic group of amazing students with special needs that work hard every day to reach their individualized life goals. We focus on a variety of skills including core curriculum standards which address Reading, Mathematics, Science and Civics.
    We learn and practice new acquired Employability Skills daily by working at our Coffee Cart business and maintaining our classroom in a professional manner. We learn individual and team skills by completing a series of activities each day that promotes confidence and self-sufficiency.
    The class also promotes positive thinking styles that develop a strong, positive self-esteem and self-advocacy skills. We work together every day to reach our daily goals and continue to work on longer term goals that ready us for life in our community.
    We are proud of our students and welcome you to our website!
    Susan Mac a'Bhaird and the 'Staff'