• Science

    Teacher's Name: Mrs. Rogan
    Email: rogana@hasdk12.org
    Phone: (570) 459-3221
    Grade (s):9th Grade & 10th Grade
    Subject (s): Integrated Science, Biology lA, Biology lB

    Spring Semester 2019 Reminders:  

    *All students must have a 3 ring binder and dividers. Binder counts as a test grade at the end of each quarter! Organization is key to be successful in this class.

    Binders are due by Monday, 01-28-19 unless previous arrangements are made between the teacher and student prior to due date. 


    *All students will turn in their cellphone at the beginning of class according to their assigned number given. The teacher will keep cellphones safe until the end of the period when students will get them back. This is not a punishment. It is my goal for you to achieve great academic success in this class. Unfortunately, social media and technology such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Facetime and texting is a distraction and considered an off task behavior and will not be tolerated.