• Welcome!

    I am very excited to share my love of technology with my students throughout the school year.  As part of Career Applications class, students will be graded based on the completion of each assigned class project and there will be no homework or assignments given outside of our time together in class. As part of our class work, students will become familiar with many basic computer concepts that can be used to assist them with assignments and activities in other classes.  

    Career Applications Course Outline:

    • Computer Login 
    • File Management 
    • Introduction to Computer Parts
    • Keyboarding 
    • Internet Basics and Research
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher)

    8th Grade Career Applications Grading Categories:

    • 40% - Projects (Software Application Assignments)
    • 20% - Participation (Internet Research Assignments)
    • 20% - Tests/Quizzes (Tests will be announced/Quizzes may be unannounced)
    • 20% - Keyboarding (WPM Skills Tests and Typing Club Progress)

    Grades Posted Online:

    Students, parents, and guardians are expected to check grades online regularly.  Grades will be posted and updated on a regular basis. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the entered grades or upcoming assignments.

    Below is the link to access the grading system used by Hazleton Area School District:

    Skyward Grade Portal