Week of May 11th-15th

  • Teacher's Name: Brittany Marra                                                SubjectMath 

    Teacher's Email: marrab@hasdk12.org 

     MATH may not teach us how to + L♥VE or - HATE  But it gives us every reason to hope that every PROBLEM has a SOLUTION


    A message from me to you...

    Hello Everyone! Words cannot express how much I miss each and every single one of you. I hope you are staying healthy. Your safety is what I care about the most. I know that switching to online assignments has made things more difficult for you to understand, but please know I am here for you. There may be some things that you do not understand. That is alright. What I ask is that you always try your best. If you have any questions, please send me an email at marrab@hasdk12.org or send me a message on Class Dojo. Continue to make me proud! Love you all xoxo


    1. Complete a lesson in Xtra Math daily. 

         (XtraMath login instructions and student pins are listed on my web page under the XtraMath Login tab.) 


    2. Participate in our weekly ZOOM meeting based on the class period I see you. 

         (ZOOM schedule is posted on my web page under the Zoom Meetings tab.)


    3. Complete your other teacher's workOn their web page, you will find a section that says Miss Marra's/Mrs.R's/Mrs. Trishman's assignments... those are the assignments you should complete. 

    Grade Level Lessons

    Grade Level Assignments

     Imagine Learning Reading/ Imagine Learing Math

    Special Teachers Weekly Lessons

     Cipriani, A (Art)  Gibson, J (Music) Chicalese, M (Gym) Kepp, D  (Health) Parise, L (Computers)



    Reading Support Teacher: Radzwich, K



    Click on a teacher's name to move to their website.

    3rd: Tutko, R  Zola, D Sanzi, H Ednie, N Graham, S Henderson, E

    4th: Breshock,B DeBella, P Kile, S Mishinski, J Welsh, L Tihansky, D Porambo, K            

    5th: Cannella, D  Krouse, B  Kinney, A   Mummey, R  Sult, M Gasper, M

    6th: Cechak, G  Pavlick, D  Hoffman, A   Rentz, T  


    ESL: 3rd & 4th Davis, M. Fedullo,K

           5th & 6th Randazzo, K