• Week of: June 1 - 5

    Teachers Name/ Subject: Miss Seier - 5th Grade Reading                               

    Teacher’s Email: seiera@hasdk12.org


    Student item pick up and school property drop off: Tuesday June 2, Wednesday June 3, Thursday June 4 from 9-11 AM

    Teacher Message: 
    This is our last week! This year has been pretty crazy and different, but we made it! This week's assignments are focused on  . I would also like you to be logging into Imagine Reading and working on it for at least 40 minutes during the week. If you're having a hard time logging on, contact me and we'll try to figure it out. We're in this together!(:  Please email me the assinments by the end of the week. In addition, if you have any questions, need help, or just want to say hi, send me a message. I hope you all have a wonderful summer. Continue to stay safe and healthy, but have fun and enjoy your time off. I will miss you soooo much!!

    *Please send me all 4 assignments via email by the end of the week if possible* (easiest way is to submit everything at once)

    Standards Adressed:

    CC.1.2.5.E Use text structure, in and among texts, to interpret information (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/ solution).

    Learning Objectives:

    Compare and contrast the overall structure (e.g., chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information and text features in two or more texts.

    View Lesson Here:

    Students please watch this week’s lesson below and complete the assignments below by the end of the week.

    Online Learning Video Week of June 1-5 

    Here is also a link to the powerpoint presentation in the video.

     Week of June 1-5 Powerpoint

    Assignments for all sections    5D   /   5S   /   5M   /   5W

    Assignment #1-  

    Chronological Order Timeline

    Assignment #2

     Comparison Between Two Texts

    Assignment #3-  

     Cause and Effect

    Assignment #4

     Problem and Solution


    Log into Imagine Learning/Reading:
    You must complete at least 40 minutes per week

    To access Imagine Learning you must use Google Chrome browser.  
    Click on the Chrome icon to download Google Chrome and then return to THIS PAGE and click on the Clever icon to begin your Imagine Learning Lesson.



    *make sure you are using the same login that you would use to log in to the school computers, if you can't remember, let me know and I will look it up for you!*

    Extra Practice: 
    Imagine Reading

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