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            Welcome to Mrs.Tombasco's Webpage
    Email: tombascoc@hasdk12.org
              Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 
              Grade (s): K-8  Gifted
     At this site, you will find information about upcoming activities in gifted class, permission slips for field trips, and  more.

    Thank you.  The people at Project Kenya appreciate all you are doing.  Please keep up the good work and click here for a short thank you video. 

    While You're Home: A Little Citizen Science 

    Project Kenya is over for this year, but the San Diego Safari Park has a message for you:

    Thank you SO MUCH to those of you who had your classes participate in the Wildwatch Kenya school challenge. You Wildwatchers managed to process as many photos in two months as would have taken Jenna and her team six months to finish. So thank you to ALL of our Teacher Workshops alumni for all you have done to bring conservation science, and citizen science, to your students lives. We couldn't have reached this goal without you!