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    Grade (s):4th
    Subject (s):MATH
    (GIT  'R  DONE)




    • Any work not completed in class must be completed for homework. 
    • The classroom teachers will fill out homework slips on any day your child is absent. They are responsible for this work being completed.
    • Conferences - If you need to schedule a conference, please send a note in with your child or call the office to schedule an appointment. We will return your call as soon as possible. Please indicate your concern if possible.

    • Snacks - Please try to send a small healthy snack and water for snack time.
    • Cafeteria behavior - Inappropriate behavior may lead to assigned seating at lunch or supervised lunch detention in the classroom.
    • Weekly Student Reports will be sent home each Monday (or first day of the school week) beginning OCT 11,2016
    • Point system outlined in the Student Planner will begin on October 3, 2016

    District-wide grading system


            A - 93 - 100

           B - 85 - 92

           C - 77 - 84

           D - 70 - 76

           F - 69 and below