HASD Closure Due to Coronavirus through April 6th

    Dear Students and Parents,

    I miss you all!  I'm so glad that you are continuing your education while we are not in school. Please do not hesitate to contact me, and check my website for updates. Please stay home and stay safe!


                                               Mrs. Matteo


    While you are at home, please continue to read every day and review your math skills. Below is a list of assignments you can complete to review skills or challenge yourself! I really appreciate that you are continuing your learning while we are not in school, and I encourage your parents to contact me at any time. These are difficult times, and it's really important for all of us to stay safe and stay home right now. I miss you all, and I can't wait to get back to school!


    Review and Enrichment Activities 

    April 6 - April 10



    Use the Scholastic Resource link below to complete the daily Reading activities.

    Scholastic Resource

    - Complete Week 1 on the Scholastic Resource.

    - Read for 20 minutes everyday.



    - Watch the short video about counting money.

    Counting Coins Video

    - Complete the worksheets below.

    Counting Coins

    - Practice counting collections of coins at home.


    Journal Writing

    - Write about your daily activities.


    Imagine Learning

    - Work on Language and Literacy (Robot) for 20 minutes everyday.

    - Work on Math for 20 minutes everyday.



    - Complete the daily homework using the spelling words that are posted.


    Something for fun!

     COVID-19 Time Capsule Project



    Welcome to Second Grade! 
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    Subject:Reading,Language Arts, Spelling,Math