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    Week of June 1, 2020

    Teacher Message:  

    We made it!  This is our last week of school!!!! I know these last few weeks have been different, but hopefully, you learned something new.  I am truly proud of all of you.  I hope you have a wonderful summer - keep practicing your math and reading.  I can't wait to see you in the fall! :)


    K-3 Students View Lesson Here:

    Students please watch this week’s lesson and complete the assignments below– you should complete this by the end of the week.
    >>Arrow Click here for K-3 Math Skill - Group 3


    Assignments (Try to at least complete 2 assignments):


    Grades K-3


    Assignment 1  Subtraction Practice

    Assignment 2  Addition/Subtraction Game

    Assignment 3  Math Bingo

    Assignment 4  Subtraction Game



    Grades 4-6 Students View Lesson Here:

    No new lesson this week - just have fun!


    Assignments (Try to at least complete 2 assignments):


    Grades 4-6


    Assignment 1  Click here to play any multiplication game.  

    Assignment 2  Click here to play any division game.  

    Assignment 3  Click here to play a money counting game.  

    Assignment 4  Click here to play a fraction game.


    Extra Learning Opportunities:

    Click on the links below for some fun math games.

    Math is Fun 

    Cool Math

    Math Playground

    ABCYA: Educational Games

    PBS Kids



    Other Teachers' Work:

    Click on your math teacher's name below to visit their webpage and see their work:


    Paraprofessionals are available to help - Please reach out to them through email: 

    Ms. Pavell

    Ms. Graaf