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    Mrs. Karan Tomashunis

    Subject: Career and Consumer Science 8

    Class Period(s):1,2,3,6,7,8 HTEMS 

    June 1, 2020

    The last weeek of school is always filled with mixed emotions and stresses. We are closing out and finishing obligations as we look forward to the break of the summer. And in addition, as 8th graders, you are anticipating the start of your high school career. Earningn a high school diploma is a milestone in one's life. It is an important aspect of your development as an adult. You will be transitioning from a dependent adolescent to an independent young adult.  Stay the course and finish strong especially during this unique time.  Thank you to all that have finished the course early. That is a great example of time management. Good luck in high school, be safe, and always remember to

    "Strive for Excellence in all you do and success will come to you"!

    May 26, 2020

    Hello, it is the start of a new week with the Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day is a day to reflect on and honor the sacrifices of others for our benefit. Theirs was the ultimate sacrifice: the loss of life. Where as, Veteran's Day is a day to thank living individuals for their service to country. How can we thank those in the grave on Memorial Day? Be the best example of yourself. We have a great country because of their efforts. Let us all give back so that future generations can have the rights and freedoms that we often times take for granted.

    May 18, 2020

    This current situation has given everyone an opportunity to learn new software programming and self-determination.  You, as students, have the freedom to select the order and intensity of what you learn each day.  Your personal learning style is being fine tuned.  Remember to pace yourselves in order to not be overwhelmed at the end of the school year.  With that being said, you will only be assigned two sections each week within the course work. Some of you have worked ahead to free up time for other courses. That is your choice and fine with me. Keep up the good work, school will be out for the summer before you know it!!


    May 11, 2020 

    Hi everybody, we are finally finished with the third quarter material! Woohoo! This week is the beginning of new material on the subject of Online Learning and Digital Citizenship.Technology is no longer an option in your education, it is a blended and essential part of your learning experience. Last week's PDN asked you to interview your parents about their educational experience. The results were clear. Times are changing faster than anyone would have imagined. The topic for the next four weeks is

    Online Learning. 
    Good job to everyone that did the training. Keep up the good work, you can do this!


      Hello, It is great to be back at work learning new things. This first week is to finalize things from Quarter 3 and to introduce a new teaching platform to you called, Edgenuity. Next week, we will start on lessons from Edgenuity. Remember that you use your student login that you have always used in school.  Once you do the introduction, I am confident you will be ready to get into learning new things. Remember the class motto," Strive for Excellence". I know you can do it, just believe in yourself and you will achieve great things.

    Remember to stay safe, wash your hands and keep a safe distance! 

       Unit Standards: PA Family and Consumer Science

                 11.2 Balancing Family, Work and Community Resposibility   
                 11.2.9.A Solve dilemmas using a practical reasoning approach:

                                            Identify situation

                                            Identify reliable information

                                            List choice and examine the consequences of each

                                            Develop a plan

                                            Draw conclusions

                                            Reflect on decisions

                   11.2.9.E Evaluate the impact of technology and justify the use

                                           or nonuse of it. (safety, cost/budget, appearance,



    Weekly Objective(s):

    June 1, 2020 Week Five: Some people say that your generation is born with a cell phone in your hand. That should be restated to " a hand-held computer that happens to have a phone and camera on it". People many times do not realize the great resource that they are holding in their hands. To fully utilize the computer world, one should understand the equipment, software and the unique relationship between these two. When we have equipment, wee have "technical problems". Understanding how to troubleshoot problems with technology is key to success in using technology. Sometimes, the simplest answer is the solution. My first try is usually, turn it off and turn it back on again or chec the plugs. Many times this resolves the issues.  

    May 26, 2020 Week Four:  The two new sections focus on "safety". The digital format is universal in that people can connect from across the globe. In real life, you would not walk down the streets of your city and make it a point to say hello to everyone. Online, you are saying hello to everyone. Face to face, we evaluate the situation and social norms in how we approach strangers. There are social norms in the digital format that help us remain safe in our interactions with others. To take the coursework closer to personal finncial literacy, your safety extends to your personal information. If an individual can get your personal information, that individual may pose as you and  begin a nightmare of financial obligations for you. In many cases, the damage done to one's personal financial world is not discovered until it hass done a great deal of ruin. Be safe! Be smart! If it sounds too good to be true, it is probably not true!

    May 18, 2020 Week Three: The two new sections focus on the "social" part of being online. Just like when we are present, face to face, there are social standards of behavior.  Etiquette is by definition the correct way of acting in situations both socially and professionally. An example would be when people plan a wedding. There are many books that explain the proper way of sending invitations and sending gifts. In business, there are processes for sending resumes and a follow-up letter after an interview. Keeping the lines of communication open and not offending someone via the digital format is very important. Bullying is never acceptable. Cyberbullying falls into that category. Being polite and considerate are basic social behaviors that apply online as well as in person.

     May 11, 2020  Week Two: Students will compare technology trends as they apply to learning and career readiness. Students will evaluate how changes in technology impact various areas of study. Students will describe the effects of technology on learning. Students will identify the characteristics of digital leadership.

     May 4, 2020  Week One: Students will become familiar with the new platform, Edgenuity. 



    June 1, 2020  Do not forget to acknowledge your efforts and the efforts of youur guardians during this trying time. THANK YOU is a great phrase to say. So, Thank You, to everyone that has been instrumental in your success with online learning.


    May 26, 2020  Make a plan of studies and stick to it. Scheduling work and breaks will help you see progress. We are close to the end of school. Let's finish strong!


    May 18, 2020 Before and after you are on the computer, you are to stretch, walk around and drink a glass of cool      water.  Being active will help you to focus and do better with your online studies!


    May 11, 2020  Make a T chart of how many ways you use technology each day. Left side is pre CoVid-19 and right side is post Covid-19. Is there a differrence? Do you think that if there is a difference, will that continue after social distancing practices are relaxed?


    May 4, 2020  Interview your parents and if possible your grandparents to gather the following information:

              Question#1  Describe the technology used in your classrooms.

              Question#2  How did the teacher get information to you? How were notes given?  Were  there movies, records, overhead projectors?

              Question#3  Did you ever think that a handheld computer (cell phone) would be so common in everyday life?

             Question#4  What do you predit will be the next technology to change our lives?

               I would like to see the results of your interview. Send me an email!


     Lesson: Online learning and Digital Citizenship

    June 1, 2020 Week Five: Our lessons this week are 1) Understanding Software and Hardware and 2) Troubleshooting Technology Issues. When all lessons are complete, take the test.

    May 26, 2020 Week Four: Our lessons for this week are 1) Staying Safe Online and 2) Evaluating Information.

    May 18, 2020 Week Three: Our lessons for this week are 1) Practicing Netiquette and 2) Understanding Cyberbullying.

    May 11, 2020  Week Two: Our lessons for this week are 1) Learning in the Digital Age and 2)Being a Digital Learner. Pace yourself. There is the ability to see the notes and to translate them. Use all the help you need. If you need assistance, please email me at tomashunisk@hasdk12.org.

    May 4, 2020  Week One: Make sure you sign in and set up your class. You will not be able to work the Edgenuity program unit until you go through the training module. If you have questions, email me. 


                Click on the Edgenuity logo or Edgenuity Student Login link below to login and access the lessons for this week. 


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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources: You can continue to work through the courses on the Handsonbanking website from Wells Fargo Bank. It provides you with a thorough knowledge of personal finance concepts necessary for success in your future.




    Assignments and Assessments:You can email me with information about the activities you worked on and /or a copy of the certificate you got when you completed any of the courses from Hands on Banking.




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