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           Email: gogolad@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221
           Grade (s): 3 to 6
           Subject (s): Vocal/General Music
    Welcome to W.N.I.M.
          The vocal/general music program at Hazleton Elementary/Middle School is an important part of your child’s overall education.  It will foster the enjoyment of singing by teaching your children how to match pitch and sing correctly. The class will also teach the basic concepts of music, as well as reach across the curriculum to show the connection music has with reading, math, social studies and art.  Current research shows that the study of music helps to improve cognitive development, language acquisition, reading readiness and general intellectual development.  It can foster positive attitudes, enhance creativity and promote social development and teamwork.  Musical performance bolsters confidence and self-esteem.  Music touches all aspects of our lives, which makes this class not only beneficial, but also necessary to each and every student.
                              Let the music begin!!!