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    Ms. Gerhard
    Email: gerhardj@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221
    Grade (s): 4-8
    Subject (s): 4-8 instrumental music
    Heights Terrace, Maple Manor and West Hazleton

    A message from Dr. Boonshaft - This link is a video by the man who inspired me to become a music teacher.  Take a moment to watch what he has to say regarding practicing your instrument during these difficult and confusing times!

    HEIGHTS TERRACE ADV BAND - I found this recording from a collaboration of music teachers and it made me think of all of you!  I'm missing hearing you all play in band rehearsals and lessons!  Click HERE to see to the video.

    A message from Miss G :)

    During this time at home, please continue to practice your instruments daily!  The links for Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Beginner Band are always functional and ready for you to practice along with at home.  I have also added the INSTRUMENTAL ACTIVITIES & RESOURCES link to my page that will provide you with even more material to use during your time at home.  

    Beginners are encouraged to watch the videos (beginning with the closest page to where you left off in your book) in the INSTRUMENTAL ACTIVITIES & REVIEW tab and review notes, rhythms, and concepts.  If you have any questions, please contact me by emailing gerhardj@hasdk12.org at any time!

    Intermediate and Advanced students should continue working on concert music and be prepared to pick up where we left off once we return to school.  There are many additional resources available for you under the INSTRUMENTAL ACTIVITIES & RESOURCES page as well.  With all of your time at home to practice, your scales and band music should be EXCELLENT by the time we are together again :)  

    I have also created a Class Dojo for each school - please look for a link to join the class (this was sent to you and your parents.)  Once you join the class, you will be able to view review assignments, record yourself, and stay up to date with enrichment activities for Band!  You can also visit the Dojo page and scan the QR code with your phone camera.  This will connect you to the Band Dojo for your school.

    If you would like to record yourself and send it to me, I'd be THRILLED to listen and give you feedback.  I miss hearing all of you every day!  Keep practicing and stay healthy!!  Email me at any time with questions, concerns, or just to send me some happy recordings of your progress while we are away.  Stay safe and I'll see you all soon!!