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    Update March 30th 2020!!!

    While we are off from school, my intention is to keep you guys busy with some fun creativity activities!  These options are not only for 8th grade but any grade level can adapt.  Please refer to the “At Home” work page for further instructions and ideas.




    Rules/ Procedures

    Entering the Room: Walk in quietly and sit down at your assigned seat.  First look at the board for directions.  If there are none, wait quietly till Miss Notaro gives the class directions.

    Make-up work: Pick a “study buddy” to get notes/information from if you are absent.  It is your responsibility to get caught up or ask questions if needed.  Always feel free to come to me for help and guidance.

    Asking Questions:  Wait until all directions are given before asking questions. Stay in your seat and raise your hand quietly if wished to be called on.

    Labeling work:  Name, period on BACK of all work, unless told otherwise.

    Assignments: Assignments will be written on the side board, as well as the vocabulary for the project.

    TalkingYou may talk quietly only after the teacher is finished talking.  Good behavior gets rewarded with teacher approved I-pod songs/radio played during class.

    No gum, food or drink: Unless directed from teacher.

    Seating: You will be given assigned seats in the beginning of the quarter.  Good class behavior will be rewarded with changing seats. 

    RESPECTBe respectful and considerate of people and surroundings.

    -Be prepared and organized

    -Stay on task

    -Be helpful and have a positive attitude


     Discipline Policy

    Consequences will be given to those who break classroom rules, have late assignments or less than quality work.  If you are distracting others or not on task I will give you ONE warning before a consequence will be given.


    -Verbal reprimand

    -Move seating

    -Written assignment

    -Call home

    -Office with a writing assignment



    Mrs. Panzarella's expectations of students: 

    -to have a positive attitude, put forth energetic effort, and have fun! 

    -to get a good grade because you always have the choice to improve your work for a better grade. 


    Student’s expectation of Mrs. Panzarella:

    -knowledgeable about art and art history

    -has excellent art skills in a variety of media

    -is able to teach students so they are successful in art class. 

    -to have a positive attitude and to be helpful

    -is fair to all students and treats them with respect