Mrs. M. Scatton
    Email: scattonma@hasdk12.org 
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext.26500
    Grade: 1st       Subject: All
    Welcome to my 1st Grade virtual class!
    The HASD is using Microsoft TEAMS as the platform for our virtual instructiton. 
    Please find your child's Agenda, daily Offline Work, and Recorded LIVE Lessons posted in the General channel on my TEAMS page. 
    Offline Work is to be completed during the school day when students are not LIVE with me. Please submit the work to Class Dojo as your child completes, but no later than 8pm each day. Offline Work will be corrected, approved and added to your child's portfolio. 
    If your child is disconnected during a LIVE session, first try to simply rejoin the meeting. If this doesn't allow your child back in, then please log completely out of TEAMS, and restart the laptop/device. Then attempt again to rejoin our meeting. If the problem continues please message me on Class Dojo. 
    Thank you for all your support as a first grade parent during this virtual learning expereince!
    Mrs. Scatton