• Hazleton Area School District


    Kindergarten Registration 2017-2018 Term


    Kindergarten registration in the Hazleton Area School District for the 2017-2018 school year will be held in the appropriate school by appointment only on the below listed days.  Appointments can be made by calling 570-459-3111 ext 3000. When reporting for appointment please limit individuals to primary guardian and student(s) being registered if possible or unless otherwise requested.

    June 15th, 2017 – Thursday

             Arthur Street Elementary School

    June 19th, 2017 – Monday

            Arthur Street Elementary School

    June 20th, 2017 – Tuesday

             West Hazleton Elementary/Middle School

    June 21st, 2017 – Wednesday

             Hazle Township Early Learning Center

    June 22nd, 2017 – Thursday

             Heights Terrace Elementary/Middle School

    June 26th, 2017 – Monday

             Drums Elementary/Middle School 

    June 27th, 2017 – Tuesday

             McAdoo Kelayres Elementary/Middle School 

    June 28th, 2017 – Wednesday

             Valley Elementary/Middle School

    June 29th, 2017 – Thursday

             Freeland Elementary/Middle School


    In case of inclement weather or school closing see the district’s website www.hasdk12.org


    (Note: If you are a foster parent or legal guardian, you must register through the Child Accounting Office. Original documentation will be required for review) 


    H.A.S.D Registration Process

    Step 1

    Pre-register online at:      Kindergarten Registration



    Step 2

    Once the online pre-registration is complete, please call and make an appointment to come in and finalize your registration in person: 570-459-3111 Ext 3000




    Required Enrollment Documentation:



    A. Parent/Guardian Proof of Identification (Photo ID)

    B. Three (3) Different Current Proofs of Address

    ·         Owning property and payment of property taxes in the Hazleton Area School District does not automatically fulfill the residency clause as stated in the Pennsylvania School Code.

    ·         Under section 1301 and 1302 of the PA School Code, Hazleton Area SD requires 3 different current proofs of address (no older than 3 months).


    Some examples are:

    •   Internal Revenue Statement
    •   W2 Form
    •    Voter Registration Card
    •    Property Deed, Property Tax Bill, Lease
    •    Driver’s License
    •    State ID Card
    •   Insurance Statement
    •    Vehicle Registration
    •    Current Pay Stub
    •    Bank Statement
    •    Billing Statement
    •    Utility Statement


    C. Proof of the Child's Age

         Any one of the following constitutes proof:


    • Birth Certificate
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Notarized Copy of the Record of Baptism or duly certified copy showing the date of birth
    • Notarized statement from the parents or another relative indicating the date of birth
    • Prior School Record indicating the date of birth
    • Valid Passport


    D. Proof of  Immunizations

    Required by Law - PA law requires that proof of immunization must be provided before a child can be admitted to any public, private or parochial school.


    • The child's immunization record
    •  a written statement from the former school district
    • Verbal assurances from the former school district 
    •  A letter from a medical office stating that the required immunizations have either been administered / completed with records to follow OR that a required series is in progress


    E. Other Items


    • Custodial/Guardship Agreements
    • Notarized Multiple Occupancy Form/Letter (if applicable)
    • IEP (Individual Education Plan) - if applicable
    • Current Transcript and/or Current Report Card (if available)
    • Free and Reduced Price Lunch Information (if applicable)


    If English is NOT the 1st language spoken at home the child MUST be present at registration for ESL Testing