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    Subject: Sience

    Class Period(s): 1,3,6,8

    Week of: June 1-5

    Teacher Message: 

    Hello everyone!  REMEMBER; LESSONS ARE POSTED WEEKLY! Please keep in touch with me through school email or Remind (@8hebef) Well this is not how i thought the year would end! You will all be missed and please take care of yourselves! You all know where to find me if you need me! Have a great summer and have a great year next year! It will be a new adventure!! Remember, book return and locker pickup is Friday from 9am to 2pm. Please catch up on all of your work and I will see you Friday!!


    Weekly Objective(s):


                1. Complete lesson: Natural selection and lab, unit test (Edgenuity)

                2. Examine how natural selection leads to evolution.

                3. Identify the conditions required for natural selection.

                4. Identify the ways in which genetic variation and enviromental factors contribute to natural selection.

                5. Describe the factors that contribute to the extinction of a species.



    Standard:    S8.B.2.1.1



    PDN:  Have a great summer!!!



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