4th Quarter

  • 4th Quarter Assignments:

    May 4-15th: Beginning Fitness   *** Should be completed ! Fitness Logs are required !!

    1. Fitness Log

    2. Physical fitness basics

    3. Physical fitness and lifestyle

    May 18: Sports and Lifetime Sports

    1. Individual sports

    2. Team sports

    3. Common sport injuries

    May 25th: Health Related Fitness /Muscular Fitness

    1. Strength and endurance

    2. Safe weight training

    3. Exploring exercise for muscular fitness

    June 1-5th: Health Related Fitness/Cardio

    1. Cardiovascular diseases

    2. Developing cardiovascular fitness

    3. Exploring activities for cardio

                                        The End !

    You may work ahead if you wish. All work must be completed by June 5th. Thank you for your cooperation. Your grades will be listed in skyward. 

       Have a nice summer vacation, continue with your exercise routines and I hope to see you in September ! 



    1. On the edgenuity home page, click on the Lifetime Fitness Box

    2.  On the course map, click the fitness icon on the left side bar

    3.  Click Add Fitness Activity to add an entry.

    (the template will allow you to make a paper copy)



    4th Quarter Assignments

    In order to complete your PE/Health credit for this year, you must satisfactory complete the  assignments in edgenuity.

    To get started:

    1.Click on the Edgenuity Logo below and log in.

    2. Watch the orientation video.

    3. This is new to all of us, including me !! Do your best and you can always email at any time.

    4. Official office hours will be between 1-2 o'clock Monday thru Thursday.

    5. You will have 2 weeks to complete each assignment. You may work on your on pace.

    6. The course will track your progress and send the results to me.

    7. You must complete the fitness log !!!


    Assignment 1: May 4th-15th  Unit 1 Beginning Fitness




    Continue to stay safe,

    Miss Medvecky