• Mr. Richard Lazar                          trex

    Email: lazarr@hasdk12.org
    Phone: (570) 459-3221 ext. 82204

    Grade(s): 9 - 12
    Subject(s): Diesel Technology Level 1
                       Small Engine Repair
                       Construction Technology
                       Basic Home Repair
                       Computer Aided Design
                       9th Grade Career Exploration Cluster
    My name is Mr. Lazar. I hope you have a positive learning experience in my class this year. For my 35th year of teaching in the HASD I have been assigned the following classes:
    Diesel Technology Level 1
    Small Engine Repair Elective
    Small Engine Repair is a lecture/lab class in which you will gain knowledge of both two stroke and four stroke cycle small engines. You will study the components and the operation of these engines and acquire an understanding of how to diagnose and repair problems as well as how to perform basic maintenance.
    Construction Technology Elective
    The purpose of this course is to introduce career-bound students to a general woodworking shop experience, while learning to work safely with both hand and power tools in order to produce quality examples of projects made out of solid wood, plastics or other materials.
    Computer Aided Drafting Elective
    The CAD elective is set up for those students who have an interest in undertanding a multitude of precision drawing techniques used by engineers, designers and architects to generate plans and assembly drawings. State of the art Autodesk software is utilized.
    Basic Home Repair Elective
    The main purpose of Basic Home Repair is to instruct students in an understanding of the tools, techniques and methods used to maintain and remodel homes, while becoming a wise, informed consumer.
    9th Grade Careeer Exploration Cluster
    This class is setup to give pre vocational students an overview of the traditional building, design, fabrication, and automotive trades. The class is a project based learning experience.