Mary C. Makuta, BS, CSDH
    Email: makutam@hasdk12.org
    (570) 459-3221 ext 82407.
    Grade (s): 10-12
    Subject (s): Health Careers
 Mary C. Makuta, CSDH

Phone: 570-459-3221 ex 82507


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Mary C. Makuta, CSDH

Welcome to Health Careers, My name is Mary Makuta and I am a Certified School Dental Hygienist and Heallth Occupations Instructor. The Health Career class allows students to explore the career opportunities and skills needed to became a successful healthcare worker.The classroom is a reflection of what students will experience in the world of work.  Healthcare professionals are held to very high standards and that is what is exected in our classroom.  Compassion and caring , treating fellow students, staff and all individuals with respect is a large part of our curriculumn.  Cell phones ARE NOT allowed in class as they are not allowed in any healthcare facility, it is a violation of the patients rights.  Again our classroom follows the rules of local healthcare facilities.

  HOSA-Future Healthcare professionals is a Club that is integrated into the Health Career Classroom.  Students will become involved in community service activities throughout the year.The goal of HOSA is to allow students gain leadership skills, serve the community,become involved in school acivities and attend field trips. Students who chose to become National Members may compete at the local, state and national level of HOSA events.The program allows students to learn explore various occupations and then transfer the skillslearned in class to each heathcare area. 

Third year students have on-site observations at LV Hospital Hazleton where they can rotate through clinical areas to make wise career choices. Every Friday , speakers frpm the hospital provide insight into the daily tasks of their career.  Lab coats and scrubs are required for the hospital and students must observe all rules set down by the hospital.  They are required to receive flu shots,and a physical prior to entering the senior year of the program.

Course: Health Career 1,2 & 3