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    Online Instruction -Week of June 1, 2020

    Subject: ELD Level 3 and 4

    Class Period(s): 1,2.6,7,8,9

    Teacher Message: Good Morning. This week's focus will be on reviewing Elements of Fiction.


    Weekly Objectives: A. Language - All students will use academic vocabulary: element. 

                                     B. Content - All students will recognize genre and analyze story elements: fiction, plot,                                                         characters, and setting.

     Standard: Standard - 16.2: English language learners communicate information, ideas, and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Language Arts.                                                         

     Domain - 16.2.6-8.Reading:

    PDN:  Monday - Do you think a dragon could fly?

             Tuesday - The setting of a story is the ________________ and ________________.

             Wednesday - The characters in a story are the ______________________.


     Lesson: ELEMENTS OF FICTION - setting, characters, conflict, turning point, resolution


    Plot: How it works - The plot is what happens in a story.

    • Plots are built around a conflict, or problem that the main character faces.
    • The events are what the characters do.
    • The turning point is the most important event of the story.
    • The resolution is the event that solves the problem.

    Read the following passage aloud and answer the questions about the elements of fiction.

         Long ago when dragons roamed the earth, a hunter made a paper dragon for his son.  He placed the dragon on a shelf in his home.  He told his son that the dragon would protect them.  The little boy felt calm each night as he went to sleep.  He knew the paper dragon would keep him safe.

         The dragon was sad because he sat alone one the shelf.  He wanted to go out and see the world.  The dragon could not move because he was made of paper.  

         One day, the hunter's son tied some string to the dragon and took him off the shelf.  The son took the dragon outside to fly him like a kite.  Suddenly the dragon was high in the sky!  He flew up and down and all around.

         Then the string broke.  The dragon did not fall.  He could feel his wings get stronger and stronger.  He was flying!  Now the dragon could fly around the world.  The boy was sad to see the dragon go, but he was happy to see him fly.




        Assignments and Assessments: Identify the following from the passage above.

    1. What is the setting of the story?
    2. What is the conflict of the story?
    3. What are some events that happened in the story?
    4. What is the most important event or turning point?
    5. How does the story end?  What is the resolution?



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