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    The English Language Development  (ELD) Program in  the Hazleton Area School District falls under the umbrella of Federal Programs.
    Every school district must provide a program for each student whose dominant language is not English. The goal of our ELD program is to facilitate students' acquisition of the English language and achievement of the academic standards.
    The program model for our elementary schools is a Pull Out ELD Program. In this type of program students are pulled out from mainstream classes to receive intensive language instruction from an ELD Program Specialist teacher.
    Middle and High School
    The program model for our middle and secondary schools is a Content Based ESL Program. Students have an ELD English class scheduled in addition to their content area classes.
    Contact Information
    Mrs. Diane Zecker, Testing Coordinator
    Hazleton Area School District
    570.459.3111 ext. 3282
    Ms. Patricia Galloway, Supervisor of Federal Programs & ELD
    Hazleton Area School District
    570.459.3111 ext. 3555