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PSSA Policies and Guidelines

District Policies
2013 PSSA Administration
Reading/ Math / Writing / Science

Electronic Devices:

During the administration of the PSSA all cell phones, smart phones, and other prohibited electronic devices will be collected as students enter the testing site. This is a mandate issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Cell phones are not allowed during the test administration and having a cell phone or other electronic device during the test administration will result in the application of a "Do Not Score" label on your child’s test booklet.

If a student uses a cell phone or electronic device in any manner during the administration of the test, the phone or electronic device will be confiscated until such time that the parent or guardian can come to the school, and in the presence of the parent or guardian, the cell phone or other electronic device will be viewed to ensure that no information or material regarding the assessment is present.

A violation of the no cell phone or other electronic device rule will result in discipline and that discipline will vary depending on whether test material has been compromised. If any items on an assessment that have been compromised, and can no longer be used will have to be replaced, and the parents and students may be responsible for the cost of replacement.

Student Teacher Breaks i.e. bathroom etc.:
If a student or teacher needs to use the bathroom, the teacher will press the call button alerting the office. The secretary will use the walkie talkie to alert the administration and staff monitoring the halls to go to the particular room. Either staff or administration will escort the student to the bathroom and back to the classroom. The student will sign out and sign back in with the time he or she left the room. In the event a teacher needs to leave the room, staff or administration will monitor the testing room. The proctor will sign out and the staff or administrator will sign in. When the teacher return, they will sign back in and the person giving the break will sign out. All signatures will include the time in and out.

Disruptions i.e. fire alarm:
In the event of an emergency where students have to be evacuated, students will be asked to close their test booklets, put them on the desk and exit as they would in any emergency evacuation. Teachers will shut the unlocked door behind them as they leave. Once all students are safe and accounted for, the teacher in charge will ensure no student took a test booklet. Students will return to class as per evacuation protocols and resume taking the test. All lunch periods will be extended to reflect the loss in time. PDE and the superintendent will be called immediately to inform them of the situation. 
In the event students are evacuated and not able to return to the building, students will be dismissed from the safe area and PDE and the superintendent notified. Test booklet will be secured by administration and the school test coordinator as soon as it is safe to enter the building.