Where are we going from here?

Posted by Joseph Semuta on 4/23/2020

I'm not gonna lie. I have been outright depressed the last few weeks.  For a day or two I'd be happy, maybe even super happy.  Then BAM!  I am dragging my body around.  Make no mistake about this kids, getting back to worthwhile endeavors will do wonders and the fact that I am setting up classes in the district's cyber school for us to collaborate on and move forward is a breath of fresh air...even through my mask.

Despite my joy for this little win, the reality of our economic climate is dire.  The distribution of scarces goods and resources (economics) is changing.  Social distancing is here to stay until there is a medicine to mitigate the disease's effects and that is likely at least a year away.  Even if every governor in the country were to lift their state's restricitons, one would stil wonder how much people will return to normal.  At this point we have to ask ourselves what businesses are likely to be purged, what business will survive and how.  What replaces those lost?  How do these changes impact workers?  Are we going to need more, or less of certain occupations?  

Whoever has these answers and the courage to carry them out stands to become very wealthy.  Our social paradigm has shifted.  Who is going to capitalize?

I guess my question is why not you?

The rest of this semster we are going to focus on markets (interaction of supply and demand) and entrepreneurship.  Maybe the next Jeff Bezos comes from HAHS...why not?  

An FYI....there are no requirements until May 4th.  

Repeat...we are not moving forward until May 4th so until then think about future of goods and services in this social distanced world.