Immunizations / Vacunas

⋅Immunizations / Vacunas


Please contact our school nurse for more information

Attention Faculty

Until further notice - any student in need of crisis intervention please contact NEC at 570-455-6385.

⋅Students returning to their HACC programs must:

  • Wear Masks
  • Adhere to all CDC and HASD Guidelines for health and safety
  • Wash hands frequently
  • Follow floor and wall signs to maintain social distancing

 -From the Guidance Dept:


If you have been missing classes, falling behind in your work or failing a class please contact your guidance counselor or class teacher.
We are here to help. 

1. Make sure you are periodically checking for scholarships. Scholarships are posted on our guidance website:

Guidance Website for Local Scholarships

A scholarship is monetary support awarded to a student based off academic or other criteria that may include financial need. You could apply to as many as you like, and you do not pay back money awarded to you. There are deadlines to each scholarship.

2. It's not too late to apply to college or an after HS program. Some deadlines for schools have passed, so be sure to check your schools deadlines & application requirements. Please refer  to  our guidenace website for after HS related programs, college information, and presentations. 

Still have questions, contact your guidance counselor, or refer to their webpage.