(High School, Middle School, Lakeside Elementary, and Sports Complex)


Rte. 81 N to Rte. 6 E (Carbondale).  Take Rte. 6 E to Honesdale.  As you some into Honesdale on Rte. 6, you will come to a red light by a bridge.  Rte. 6 turns across the bridge and down the main street of town.  Go approximately two blocks on Main St. (Rte. 6)  A Chapel St. (Citizen’s Bank on the left), turn right.  Go across the railroad tracks to the T.  Turn left on Ridge St.  Follow Ridge Street to the end (stop sign).  High School is straight ahead.  Turn right onto Terrace St.  Follow Terrace St. to just past the football field.  Then turn right onto Lakeshore Dr.  Our sports complex is on the right (field hockey field is below the baseball field.