Nativity BVM

High School (Softball):  Take Interstate 81 South to the St. Clair/Rte. 61 South exit.  Take 61 South directly into Pottsville.  Go through the first red light @ the Pizza Hut-Do Not Turn there!  Make a left at the next red light, which is the 2nd red light (Norwegian Street), and travel up a steep hill until you see Good Samaritan Hospital.  At the end of the hospital property, you’ll see a sign that reads (Medical Mall, Nativity Athletic Fields).  Make a left there and continue all the way up another steep hill until you run into the fields.  CRITICAL :  DO NOT TURN on the street 1 block before the Good Samaritan Hospital even though the sign reads Nativity BVM High School.  You MUST continue to the end of the hospital property and make left there.