• Class Procedures

    •                                                 WELCOME TO FIRST GRADE 

                                   Together we can make it a great year for your child!

    • Students should come to school prepared with a pencil and  assignments.
    • Students will be given homework assignments daily with the exception of  Friday.    Homework will count as part of the classroom participation grade along with attendance.  
    • Students will be graded on quizzes, tests, and projects.  Graded materials will be sent home for a parent or guardian to sign.  
    • Students must follow the classroom rules in order for a productive learning environment to flourish.  The classroom rules are:

    We raise our hands to speak.
    We are kind and respect each other.
    We keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.
    We share.
    We walk in the classroom and halls.
    We keep our room neat and clean.
    We listen when our teacher or classmate is speaking.
    We follow directions.

    First Grade 

    Please check your child's folder daily for important papers.

    Contact me by e-mail yurekl@hasdk12.org or message me on DOJO with any questions or concerns.