• Weekly Online Lessons


    Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Masias            Teacher’s Email : masiast@hasdk12.org

     Weekly Morning Message:

    Completing your work for our class is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

    First, watch the video for this week. 

    Second, complete the three activities for your class. 

    Third, work on Imagine Learning (Clever). 

    Easy as 1, 2, 3!




    1. This week's activities-You should complete this by May 31, 2020  
        La lección de esta semana-Usted debe completar esto por May 31, 2020 


    Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for Group 2 Reading Drill (Fundations)

    Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) for Group 3 Reading Drill (Fundations)




    2. Students and parents should complete all of the assignments listed below. Take your time and do the assignments when you can. Develop a daily routine. Students and parents should work together.

    Los estudiantes y los padres deben completar todas las tareas que se enumeran a continuación. Tómese su tiempo y haga las tareas cuando pueda. Desarrollar una rutina diaria. Los estudiantes y los padres deben trabajar juntos.

    Arrow  Complete the assignments below by May 31, 2020  Haga clic aquí para la lección de hoy 

    Dot Direct Reading Instruction

    GROUP  1                  GROUP 2                      GROUP 3                  

             - Assignment 1             -Assignment 1                 -Assignment 1

           - Assignment 2          -Assignment 2                 -Assignment 2

               - Assignment 3  


    3. Login to Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Math for 40 minutes each per week
       Arrow  Click here (Haga clic aquí) to log in to Imagine Learning

    Click login with LDAP, type your username and password. Blue for Reading & Orange for Math

    Imagine Learning Picts

     Arrow  K-2 Students: Please remember to view the "Morning Message", work on Starfall, and complete assignments on Raz Kids on your homeroom teacher's page.


    Great job!  Now go to your next teacher's page!


    Second Grade Teachers    Dot  Mrs. Lapchak       Dot  Mrs. Mencer  

    Third Grade Teachers      Dot  Mrs. Kasarda        Dot  Mrs. Marinock

    Learning Support Teachers  Dot Mrs. Hunsinger       Dot Mrs. Reed  (DIRECT INSTRUCTION MATH)

    Speech Therapist            Dot Ms. Racho


    Paraprofessionals are available to help  

    Please reach out to them through email: