Welcome to Miss Catania's Kindergarten Class!

    Each day I’ll do my best,

    And I won’t do any less.
    My work will always please me,
    And I won’t accept a mess.
    I’ll color very carefully,
    My writing will be neat.
    And I simply won’t be happy
    ‘Til my papers are complete.
    I’ll always do my homework,
    And I’ll try on every test.
    And I won’t forget my promise--
    To do my very best!


    Classroom Rules:

    1.Be Kind and respectful

    2. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    3. Raise your hand when you want to speak 

    4. Ask to leave your seat

    5. Always try your BEST!




    As part of the HTELC behavioral program, each student is expected to use P.R.I.D.E. to create a school environment that is:

                                   Proud to be me

                                   Respect for others 
                                   I will be ready
                                   Do the safe thing
                                                                            Everyone can learn!

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