• Interact
    Parents, please take time to talk to and play with your child.  Children learn new vocabulary and concepts through repeated exposure.  They also learn through experience.  Take some time to interact. Show your child how to play appropriately with toys by pretending and being inventive.  Demonstrate how to speak using appropriate voice volume and tone.  He/she will learn turn taking, patience, and how to share through example. Have fun!  
    You will frequently see home practice activities come home.  These activities are a guide.  They include conversation starters and examples of how to incorporate and practice target vocabulary and concepts.  I do not expect them to be returned to school.  I do hope you will review the information and find a way to include some of the suggestions into your daily routine at home.  If you need materials in a language other than English I will do my best to provide them for you.  
    Your child will be working on specific goals that we have created together.  Progress on these goals will be reported to you at least 3 times each year (November, February, and May).  You will also be asked to attend at least one meeting yearly, with the IEP team, to discuss your child's progress.  PLEASE attend this meeting.  It is so important that we work together as a team.  After all, you are your child's first and best teacher!  If you would like to meet with me more often please don't hesitate to call.  I am happy to work with you and your child! 
    Finally, please believe in your child, yourself, and me.  Know that I enjoy working with your child to help him/her be a better communicator and that I have the best interest of your child at heart.  I look forward to a part of your child's team!