• Mrs. Samec’s classroom

    2022/2023 school year

    Welcome to 4th grade, my name is Mrs. Samec and I will be your child’s social studies and science teacher this school year. I am excited to get to work with all of you and be able to watch the students grow and learn together. I can always be reached via email at samecr@hasdk12.org if you have any questions or concerns.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Respect-be respectful to your fellow classmates and teacher. There will be no talking while the teacher or one of your classmates is talking, keep your hands to yourself, and respect classroom materials
    2. Attitude-please bring your best attitude to class and be ready and willing to learn so that we can create a positive classroom environment
    3. Be kind-there will be a ZERO tolerance for bullying in my classroom and anyone involved in bullying will receive disciplinary action

    Grading Policy

    25% Quizzes

    25% Tests

    25% Projects

    25% Classwork

    Classwork/Assignment Policy

    All classwork and assignments will be posted in the classroom each day. Students should copy down the assignments/homework in their agendas before the end of each class period. Students will receive a 100% for completed assignments, 80% for late assignments, and 60% for incomplete assignments, and a 0% for not turning in anything at all.

    *Students should bring their agenda and a pencil to class everyday

    Thank you for your part in making this a great school year,

    Mrs. Samec