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      Homework will be assigned to your child everyday. All homework will be placed in the "Return to School" side of your child's  folder. Please make sure to also review the alphabet and numbers. 


      In an effort to reinforce and enrich our students’ learning, your child will receive a monthly reading homework calendar (math will be workbook pages). The homework calendar will include activities such as letters, writing, sentences, as well as other areas in need of practice. These are concepts that students should practice on a daily basis


      I will need your help to ensure that our students get this essential practice. All activities will be quick and can be done with materials found around your house. If additional materials are needed, I will provide them. These activities can be done in the car or at the dinner table, as your child will only need a moment or two to complete them. We know that your schedules are busy. However, your child will benefit most from quick daily practice rather than completing several activities all at once. 


      While this calendar is a guideline for activities, you may find that your child needs extra practice in a particular area or more challenges in others.  Use your best judgment as to when to add additional practice for your child.  LET YOUR CHILD DO THE WORK, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT FOR THEM.


      I ask that you initial each box every night as the activity is completed.  Please keep the calendar in your child’s folder on the SEND BACK side; I will check the folder every day to monitor your child’s progress. Calendars will be collected by the first week of the following month, for records of completed homework. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE THE CALENDAR.


      As always I want thank you for your support in helping our students. I look forward to seeing how the calendars will further enrich our curriculum. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


      Overall things to practice:


      Writing and identifying the letters in your child's name

      Idetfying the upper/lower case letters

      Understanding words have beginning sounds

      Segmenting/blending words

      Uppercase to start a sentence

      Punctuation to end a sentence

      Sight words

      Making sentences with words 




      Numbers 0-100

      Counting by 1's, 2's,5's, and 10's

      Indentifying pennies, nickels, and dimes

      Telling time to the hour




      shapes 2D and 3D





      Tying shoes


      Phone numbers





      I can the we see a like to and go you do my are he with is little she was for have they of said what here me this help to play has where look who good come does 


      -at words- cat hat bat rat sat mat pat Nat fat vat Flat that

      -an words- van man fan pan tan Jan Dan Stan than plan scan began Nan van ran

      -it words- bit fit hit kit lit pit sit wit spit split omit knit

      -ig words- big dig fig jig pig rig wig Zig

      -ot words- lot hot pot tot not got rot knot spot shot slot cannot robot

      -ox words- lox fox box sox pox

      -et words- vet get let yet met set net wet bet jet pet 

      -en words- hen Ben Jen men ten den pen Owen open when

      -ut words- cut hut nut rut tut but gut

      -ug words- dug rug bug jug mug tug hug slu

Last Modified on January 13, 2022