Some Important Things to Know!
    *Orientation will be Tuesday, August 20th at 12:30...please make every attempt to attend as this is where we go over everything you and your child will need to know to ensure a successful year and a smooth transition :)
    *Please provide your child with a LARGE, CLEAR backpack with his/her apple nametag (given at orientation) clearly displayed in the front small pocket. I will provide a folder the first week of school.
    *Please provide a complete set of extra clothes (on 1st day). Include shorts, shirt, underwear, socks and if possible an old pair of shoes (sometimes they get wet too :)). Put all in a large Ziploc bag or small container and label everything with his/her name. 
    *Sneakers everyday as we utilize our outdoor area daily, weather permitting! 
    *Dress code approved clothing as per the HASD district website. Please follow.
    *Please, please make sure all contact information is up to date...most importantly phone numbers!! If there is a change at any time, please make sure to inform us immediately.
    *Lunch and snack is provided, please DO NOT send in any food or drink as it will not be used and only lead to messy cubbies and backpacks!