• MONDAY                Students will be working on Basic Fundamental Movements incorporating into games for the Month of September.
    TUESDAY                       "                                                                                       "
    WEDNESDAY                   "                                                                                      "
    THURSDAY                      "                                                                                      "
    FRIDAY                           "                                                                                      "
                           Students will be increasing their Cardiovascular fitness by performing various activities an games.
                                                                                    ALL  2nd Grade classes have PE    on MON.  WED.  THUR 
                                                                                    ALL  1st   Grade classes have PE   on TUESDAY and FRIDAY
                                                           STUDENTS        MUST     HAVE      SNEAKERS     ON    TO      PARTICIPATE    !!!!!!!
                                                           SAFETY     ALWAYS    FIRST    IN     OUR     GYM !!!!!!!!