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    Subject:  ELA 7

    Class Period(s): 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9


    Teacher Message:  Hello students, I hope everyone is safe and happy! 

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                                  Welcome to ELA 7 FINAL week FIVE.  

                                  The work assigned is required to pass ELA 7 for the 4th quarter.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE COMPLETE ALL THE ASSIGNMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Weekly Objective(s):  1. Choosing Precise Words to Eliminate Wordiness and Redundancy, 2. Choosing Words Wisely   6/1 

    1. Lesson Objectives

    1. Analyze the importance of word choice.
    2. Make thoughtful choices of specific words.
    3. Eliminate wordiness and redundancy.

    2. Lesson Objectives

    1. Differentiate between synonyms and antonyms
    2. Use traditional reference material
    3. Select appropriate online resources


    Standard:  Edgenuity:  CC.1.5.7.G, CC.1.3.7.I,  CC.1.2.7.J

    Study Island Anchors:  E07.D.1.1.1, E07.D.1.1.2, E07.D.1.1.3,  E07.D.1.1.7, E07.D.2.1.2


    Lesson:  Word Relationships: Accurate and Interesting Words



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    Independent Practice and Additional Resources:

    The completion of the Edgenuity course, ELA 7, is the district priority. 


    Assignments and Assessments:

    Course Structure:                     Edgenuity 7th Language Arts Weekly Assignments

    Edgenuity:  Complete the following:

    Week IV  6/1- 6-7 1. Choosing Precise Words to Eliminate Wordiness and Redundancy, 2. Choosing Words Wisely   6/1  




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