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    How to Help Your Child Write at Home

    1. Ask the child to tell you about his/her picture. If the child can't think of anything, point to part of the picture and say "Tell me about this part."
    2. Repeat the child's story back to them as one word, phrase, or complete sentence.
    3. Beginning with the first word ask, "Do you hear any sounds in the word _____ that you know?" (say the word slowly and enunciate the sounds) All the child to write what they think the letter(s) are.
    4. If the child has  no idea of what the letters or sounds to write for the word, give them clues to help or skip that word and move on to the next.
    5. If the child knows the letter to write, but does not know how to write it, refer to the alphabet chart.
    6. After the child is finished with their "kidwriting" write the correct spelling of words under their words. This is called "adult writing".
    7. Remember to praise the child for his/her attempts and ignore their mistakes.