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    Position Paper


    Name______________________ Course_____ English 4_____  Teacher_____Mrs. Matsago_____  

    Course Description

    English 4 involves a study and practice of the principles of effective writing with an emphasis on the various types of discourse and the research process. Students will engage in critical reading and analysis of various genres of British literature.

    Course Objectives

    By the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

    1. identify and use correct grammar and vocabulary in speaking and writing;
    2. draft various types of compositions using the stages of the writing process;
    3. draft a research paper adhering to the MLA format for documenting sources;
    4. read literary works and react to them;
    5. recognize major genres, authors, and themes in British literature including the novel, short story, essay, report, biography, autobiography, poetry, drama, and epic;
    6. develop critical thinking skills such as interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of content;
    7. improve communication skills through in-class presentations;
    8. refine computer skills and use of the Internet for educational purposes;
    9. and, continue the journey toward becoming a lifelong learner.

    Class Procedure

    1. Lecture/Note-Taking
    2. Question/Answer
    3. Class Discussion
    4. Cooperative Learning
    5. Internet Research
    6. Writing Workshops
    7. Quizzes/Tests/Presentations


    The average grade is derived from the following components:

    1. 30% midterm/final;
    2. 25% tests/quizzes;
    3. 20% writing assignments, presentations, projects, etc.; and,
    4. 25% class work, class participation, and homework.

    Significance of Student Assignments

    1. Students are expected to complete reading and other class/home assignments, including reviewing previous work, every night.
    2. Written assignments to be done on loose-leaf are considered graded work and must be handed-in on the day they are due. Otherwise, ten points will be deducted from the “writing assignments” category of grading for each day the assignment is late. If the assignment is not handed in, a grade of zero (0) will be recorded.
    3. Notebook assignments are subject to daily spot-checks during which time a student either receives a “+” for all complete or a “0” for incomplete. These assignments contribute toward the student’s homework/preparation average.
    4. Any assignment that is not the original work of a student--meaning obtained from another source such as copying from another student, text, website, etc.--will result in a zero for all concerned parties. This includes testing situations in which case students must be seated silently and remain that way for the duration of the period. Failure to comply will result in a grade of zero and school disciplinary measures.

    Responsibility of the Student

    It is the responsibility of the student to act in accordance with the rules set forth by both the Hazleton Area High School and the respective classroom teacher. Classroom rules, which will be posted prominently, revolve around the concept of RESPECT--respect for others, respect for property, and respect for one’s self. Violations of these rules or any other school-wide regulations such as dress code or Level I, II, or III infractions will result in the appropriate disciplinary measures. In addition, students should come prepared for class with all necessary materials daily; make up any work missed as a result of an excused absence from class in a timely manner; cover all books provided by the school, including paperbacks; and, advise the teacher regarding any situation that may pertain to the progress of the individual student, the class, or the good of the school.

    Responsibility of the Parent/Guardian

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the teacher of any problems/concerns at home or at school that may impede the student’s progress in English 3. If there is anything the teacher can do to better meet the needs of the student, feel free to contact the school.

    Responsibility of the Teacher

    It is the responsibility of the teacher to notify the parent/guardian if the student seems to be experiencing difficulty, becoming negligent in classwork or preparation, or if any other problems/concerns become noticeable.

    Required Daily Course Materials

    1. Textbook
    2. Notebook
    3. Pocket folder
    4. Pens and/or pencils

    Thank you for taking the time to read and review this position paper. Please complete the attached signature sheet and return it no later than ____________. With your interest and cooperation, this semester should prove to be enriching for all.

    Yours truly, 

    Rosella Bulavage Matsago, M.Ed.

    Hazleton Area High School

    Phone (570)455-3221 Ext. 81115

    Email Address matsagor@hasdk12.org