• UPDATE September 2020 :  We will be starting the school year online using microsoft teams. Attendance and grades count as if we were in the actual building. Be sure to attend class, participate, and complete your assignments to the best of your ability.  I highly suggest getting a  TI-30XIIS calculator. They are around $10-$15 at Walmart.  Have a notebook and pencils ready at the start of each class.   I hope to see you all in person someday soon!





    Coming to class prepared is a large part of your grade. Please bring your textbook, notebook, and pencil to class everyday!

    Some supplies that you will need this year are:

    • - A Notebook to be used in Math class only

      • A 5-subject notebook will last all year.

        -We will be using TI-30XIIS in class; you may want one at home for homework assignments.

        -Pencils !!! Math is to be done in pencil not pen, as mistakes will occur. 



    If you would like to donate the following items to the classroom you can each +10 extra points per item on a test of quiz grade.

    A box of tissues,  a ream of lined paper (filler paper), a ream of computer paper, a pack of  pencils.