•  online learning June 1

    Student item pick up and school property drop off: Tuesday June 2, Wednesday June 3, Thursday June 4 from 9-11 AM

    Teachers Name/ Subject:      Mrs. Denicola Science                                

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    Teacher Message: 
    Hello Fifth Grade!!! This is our last week of online learning. We will get through this difficult time by following the social distancing guidelines. Stay safe! Reach out on google voice or email me (please leave your name with a message). You can also message me on Skyward. This week online learning lessons focus on Earth’s seasons. As Earth rotates on its axis, different parts of it face and turn away from the sun, creating day and night. Earth's tilt and revolution around the sun cause the seasons.

    Learning Objectives for the week:

    Recognize that Earth’s surface is unevenly heated by the sun.

    Explain how Earth’s tilt and its revolution around the sun account for the seasons. 

    Standards Addressed 

    S.5.A.3  Systems, Models, and Patterns

    S.5.D.3  Composition and Structure of the Universe 

    View Lesson Here:
    Students please watch this week’s video and complete the assignments below. You should complete this by the end of the week. Click video then double click the word zoom.

     Zoom video June 1, 2020



                                    All  Sections   5D / 5S / 5M / 5W            


    Assignment #1   Log into Skyward and complete assignment Science C10.1 

    This assignment is in the upper right hand corner under upcoming events.



    Assignment #2  Fill in each blank with the correct vocabulary word. 




    Assignment #3  Answer questions 1 & 2




    Assignment #4  Draw and fill in the chart. 




    Log into Imagine Learning/Reading

    Imagine Reading (40 Minutes per week) 

    To access Imagine Learning Reading click on Clever below.


    Extra Practice:
    Students please try some of these websites for additional practice.


    Science grade 5 click link and go to Unit C Chapter 10 Lesson 1 word games 


    http://solarviews.com/eng/earthint.htm  English





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