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    Subject: Biology 1B

    ****FINAL NOTE****

    Edgenuity FINAL WEEK (June 1-5)

    You make me so proud! We are in the final stretch! This week includes the final unit. Those students who already see an "S" in Skyward means that you have already earned Satisfactory. You are officially "finished". However, I strongly recommend finishing the last unit of the Edgenuity BIO B curriculum for a good foundation in biology that will help you with future science courses. Those of you that are far behind, you need to get to at least 51% completion to receive an S or Satisfactory grade for the 4th Quarter.

    Please stay safe and have a wonderful summer!



    Past Assignments:

    Edgenuity Assignments (Week of May 25)

    Unit: Cellular Energy & Reproduction

    • Asexual & Sexual Reproduction
    • Cell Differentiation and Specialization
    • Unit Test

    Unit: DNA and Protein Synthesis

    • Genetic Code

    Edgenuity Assignments (Week of May 18)

    Unit: Cellular Energy & Reproduction

    3 Lessons Due:

    1. Cell Cycle
    2. Mitosis
    3. Meiosis


    Edgenuity Assignments (Week of May 11)

    Unit: Cellular Energy & Reproduction


    1. Light Dependent Reactions in Photosynthesis
    2. Light Independent Reactions in Photosynthesis
    3. Cellular Respiration

    Assignments from now on will count towards your fourth quarter grades. Please email me with any questions.



    Zoom Parent Meeting Information 

    ***Update 4/29/2020

    We will be using a platform called "Edgenuity" for our online classes beginning Monday, May 4. The week of May 4 will be review assignments that will count towards the 3rd quarter. New information and 4th quarter grades will begin May 11. Each week, I will post the assignments that you are to complete. Your grades will be updated in Skyward. I would like to hold an optional Zoom meeting on Thursday morning (4/30) at 11:00 for anyone who would like to attend. I will be sending out the link to this meeting via Remind. I will also be available for Office Hours every Monday-Thursday from 1-2 pm where I will promptly respond to any Edgenuity emails.

    Action (April/2020):
    ALL Bio B students please join Remind:

    Text @98bdfe to the number 81010

    or use the link: https://www.remind.com/join/98bdfe

    Dear Students and Families,

    I hope this message finds you well. I miss seeing each of your faces as well as our daily routine at Hazleton Area High School. Above all, please stay home and safe during this trying time. Keystone exams have been cancelled for this year but a solid foundation in Biology will still be important for your future success in sciences and college. While schools are closed due to the covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, you may use any of the following for review and reinforcement. Please make sure you join Remind to receive any updates. The instructions are above in red.


    Please stay happy, healthy, and safe. We are all in this together. I will be checking my email frequently so please email me with any questions.

    Love, Mrs. Horvat