• Hazleton Area High School

    Vocabulary Grade 12

    Daily PDNs


    Daily PDNs will be completed at the beginning of the class period while teacher is taking attendance, etc.  They will count for a participation score once we have completed 20.  Because this activity is occurring during class time, EVERYONE should have a 100% score!  It is the easiest way to boost your homework/classwork grade and overall average!


    So, please copy each vocabulary word and definition into the section of your notebook designated for PDNs.  Then, provide (3) synonyms, (3) antonyms, and (3) original sentences—only 1 may be a simple sentence—for the word for that day.


    Setup your notebook like this:

    Daily PDNs


    1. Adept – highly proficient; skilled; expert



    An adept carpenter can create beautiful cabinetry.

    If you are an adept computer coder, you will have many jobs available to you.

    Joshua was an adept swimmer in high school, but an injury forced him to quit the sport he loved.


    1. Anecdote – a short personal account of an interesting incident or event


    1. Circumvent – to avoid rules or laws without really breaking them; to evade by means of a gray area or loophole; to maneuver around authority


    1. Docile – easy to control or teach


    1. Eccentric – unconventional; an erratic behavior or quality


    1. Eloquence – the ability to speak forcefully, expressively, and persuasively


    1. Elusive – difficult to find, catch, understand, comprehend or describe


    1. Guile – cunning; deceitful and treacherous quality or behavior

    9. Hindsight – the realization or analysis of an event after it has happened


    1. Impeccable – perfect; flawless; beyond criticism or sin


    1. Loquacious – tendency to talk a great deal


    1. Matriculate – to enroll as a member of a specific group or body, especially a college or university


    1. Nemesis – a bitter enemy; especially one who seems unbeatable


    1. Nepotism – favoritism shown by someone in power to relative and friends in professional matters especially when appointing them to good positions


    1. Pathological – uncontrolled or unreasonable


    1. Ramification – the unintended consequence of an action, often one that complicates a situation or makes it harder to achieve the intended result
    2. Tirade – a long overblown angry speech, most often as a criticism; an extended outburst of harsh talk


    1. Vindication – the act of clearing someone or something from blame, guilt, suspicion or doubt


    1. Xenophobe – someone with an unreasonable fear or dislike of foreign people or foreign things


    1. Thwart – to oppose, confuse or defeat; to keep someone from achieving their goals or plans