• Hazleton Area High School

    Vocabulary Grade 10

    Daily PDNs


    Daily PDNs will be completed at the beginning of the class period while teacher is taking attendance, etc.  They will count for a participation score once we have completed 20.  Because this activity is occurring during class time, EVERYONE should have a 100% score!  It is the easiest way to boost your homework/classwork grade and overall average!


    So, please copy each vocabulary word and definition into the section of your notebook designated for PDNs.  Then, provide (3) synonyms, (3) antonyms, and (3) original sentences—only 1 may be a simple sentence—for the word for that day.


    Setup your notebook like this:

    Daily PDNs


    1. Gumption – courage and initiative; common sense



    Gumption is a necessary attribute in life.

    In order to succeed in anything, gumption is required.

    My grandparents often talk about how tough life was when they were young, and they often compare it today’s standards.


    1. Brevity – briefness; short duration





    1. Redundant – repetitious; using more words than needed


    1. Animosity – hatred


    1. Platonic – marked by the absence of romance or physical attraction


    1. Apex – the highest point of something


    1. Disseminate – to disperse or scatter


    1. Digress – to deviate from the original subject or course


    1. Travesty – poor representation or imitation; distortion


    1. Rectify – to correct; to make right


    1. Altruism – a concern for others; generosity


    1. Impale – to pierce with a sharp stake through the body


    1. Extenuating – serving to make an offense appear less serious


    1. Imperative – extremely necessary; vitally important


    1. Deference – respect; consideration


    1. Peruse – to read carefully; scrutinize


    1. Imminent – likely to happen; threatening


    1. Amoral – lacking a sense of right or wrong


    1. Rationalize – to make an excuse for


    1. Idiosyncrasy– a peculiar personality trait