• testimonials


    "I just wanted to thank you all for giving me such a great year with the Cyber Academy! You were all great teachers, and I found your classes enjoyable. Hopefully in 3 years I can come back and be a student teacher with one of you. Thanks for all the help! Live, love, and prosper. I hope to see you all at my graduation! "- Hunter 12th grade


    "I can say my expectations were blown out of the water and into the sky. All of you taught so well and were a pleasure to work with! The assignments were clear to understand, the meetings were fun to learn in, and it was just a nice time overall."- Kaden 9th grade


    "Mrs. Chicalese, I wanted to thank you for teaching lifetime fitness to our class.  I'm glad I was able to take this class because I learned very important information about our body's and how we can stay healthy. I also want to thank you for the dedication you have for lifetime health and fitness and for being able to teach us well. I know we only were able to see each other through a computer but I'm thankful that you were my teacher."- John 12th grade

    "Mrs. D’Amato. We just wanted to thank you for everything! We appreciate everything also! My daughter really enjoyed your class and is so happy that she will be having you for 8th grade as well!! Thanks again so much."- Middle School Parent 

    "I can honestly say that this was the best choice for my child.  The teachers were caring, understanding and very responsive.  The courses were well taught.  We especially liked that we had the opportunity to attend live classes but if he could attend the live class that they were recorded.  Thank you for a great year."- High School Parent