RESOURCE BOOK: Title: "Structure and Method Book 2"; Authors: Brown, Dolciani, Sorgenfrey, Kane Publisher: Houghton Mifflin; Copyright: 1999

    OBJECTIVES: The Honors Algebra II course is the second level in the study of algebra. The concepts learned in Algebra I are reviewed and expanded into the study of products and factors of polynomials, operations on rational expressions, the complex number system, and quadratic equations and inequalities. Higher order polynomial equations and selected analytical geometric concepts are introduced as the students expand their algebraic skills and knowledge to prepare for higher-level mathematics.

    Material Covered:

    Chapter 1: Basic Concepts of Algebra

    Section 1.7 Solving Equations in One Variable

    Chapter 3: Linear Equations and Functions

    Section 3.8 Functions

    Section 3.10 Relations

    Chapter 4: Products and Factors of Polynomials

    Section 4.3 Multiplying Polynomials

    Section 4.5 Factoring Polynomials

    Section 4.6 Factoring Quadratic Polynomials

    Section 4.7 Solving Polynomial Equations

    Chapter 5: Rational Expressions

    Section 5.1 Quotients of Monomials

    Section 5.2 Zero and Negative Exponents

    Section 5.4 Rational Algebraic Expressions

    Section 5.5 Products and Quotients of Rational Expressions

    Section 5.6 Sums and Differences of Rational Expressions

    Section 5.9 Fractional Equations

    Chapter 6: Irrational and Complex Numbers

    Section 6.1 Roots of Real Numbers

    Section 6.2 Properties of Radicals

    Section 6.3 Sums of Radicals

    Section 6.4 Binomials Containing Radicals

    Section 6.5 Equations Containing Radicals

    Section 6.7 The Imaginary Number i

    Section 6.8 The Complex Numbers

    Chapter 7: Quadratic Equations and Functions

    Section 7.1 Completing the Square

    Section 7.2 The Quadratic Formula

    Section 7.5 Graphing Chapter 7: Quadratic Equations and Functions

    Section 7.6 Quadratic Functions

    Section 7.7 Writing Quadratic Equations and Functions

    Chapter 8: Variation and Polynomial Equations

    Section 8.1 Direct Variation and Proportion

    Section 8.2 Inverse and Joint Variation

    Chapter 10: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

    Section 10.1 Rational Exponents

    Section 10.2 Real Number Exponents

    Section 10.3 Composition and inverses of Functions

    Section 10.4 Definition of Logarithms

    Section 10.5 Laws of Logarithms

    Section 10.6 Applications of Logarithms

    Chapter 11: Sequences and Series

    Section 11.1 Types of Sequences

    Section 11.2 Arithmetic Sequences

    Section 11.3 Geometric Sequences

    Chapter 15: Statistics and Probability

    Section 15.4 Correlation

    Section 15.5 Fundamental Counting Principles

    Section 15.6 Permutations

    Section 15.7 Combinations

    Section 15.9 Sample Spaces and Events

    Section 15.10 Mutually Exclusive and independent Events