• Classroom Procedures


    Before Instruction

    • Before 11:59 pm each day you will need to either attend the live meeting, watch back the recorded video of the meeting, or complete an assignment, a quiz, or a test to be marked present. This must be done in each of your classes. This is how attendance will be taken daily for each class.

    • Find a quiet spot to attend class 

    • Join class on time (times are shown in the team’s name and on the calendar)

    • Be prepared with materials you may be using for class.

    • Check our Microsoft Teams page for any important announcements, review daily and weekly agendas and assignments.

    • Start the “Please Do Now” problem if given one


    During Instruction

    • Follow directions and listen carefully when others are speaking.

    • Raise your hand to answer or ask questions.

    • Stay muted until it’s your turn to speak and answer when called on.

    • Turn off phones, TV, and music.

    • Participate often.

    • Do not distract class 


    After Instruction

    • Use time to start the assignment and ask questions.

    • Raise your hand if you have any questions.

    • Work until dismissed by the teacher or notify the teacher if you are leaving the meeting.

    • Office hours are available if extra help is needed (see office hours channel to join my office hours)