• Classroom Procedures


    I.          Before Instruction
    A.  Come in and sit in assigned seat      
                 B.  Take out textbooks, notebooks and pencils, then read over objective on board
    C.   Start  “Please Do Now” problem 

    II.         During Instruction

    A.         Follow directions

    B.         Raise hand to answer or ask questions  

    C.         Do not disrupt class in any manner

    III.        After Instruction

    A.         Use time to start homework assignment

    B.         Raise hand if any questions with assignment     

                C.         Work until dismissed by teacher

    IV.        Grades 

                A.         Quarterly Exam –25%

                B.         Tests –25%

    C.              Quizzes, Notebook Quizzes –25%

    D.               Classwork, Homework –25% 

    V.         Notebooks

                A.        Every assignment should be kept in notebooks

    B.            All new assignments should be dated and titled

    C.             Include all “Please Do Now” problems

                D.          Any notes or example problems given in class must be included

                E.         Show all work, not just answers

                F.          A notebook quiz will be given at the end of each chapter


                G.         If ever absent, check to see what work must be made up

    VI.        Homework


                A.         About 10 homework checks per marking period


                B.         Loss of 10 points for each assignment not done or just answers


    D.             Loss of 1-9 points for incompleteness


    E.              Incomplete homework may be made up by the next day for half credit