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    • 9-12   Gifted

    • (11th Grade) 
      Honors and Non Honors English 3           
    Subject (s): Language Arts and Teacher of the Gifted
    HAHS Gifted Website:  https://www.hasdk12.org//Domain/724
    Please visit the HAHS Gifted Website for all of the specific details and available activities.
    Classroom Overview
    for English III
    The junior year of high school is both rewarding and challenging. This is an important year for students, because they will be applying to colleges and they will be selecting their future course(s) of study. The English III course will help students prepare for college.
    Students will follow the HASD English III curriculum in order to better prepare them for their future educational plans and careers.  English III will follow the growth of America as it begins with the natives, early settlers, and Puritans.  This era will be studied through short works and poetry.  Students will then read three major works including The CrucibleOf Mice and Men, and The Great Gatsby.  Major writing assignments include a family tree narrative paper as well as two argumentative writing assignments.
    If time permits, additional material will be covered.  Class discussions, outside information, and dissenting views are not only welcomed but encouraged.

    Students must follow all Hazleton Area School District Policies.

    Little Arrow Arrive on time for class 
    Little Arrow Come to class prepared mentally, physically and emotionally
    Little Arrow Respect yourself and all property

    Students are required to join the Schoology Course:

    • Honors and Non Honos English 3 Period 6-7 
    Students should have a novel/reading book or work to do at all times
    Honors and Non-Honors
    English 3 Grading


    Departmental Grading for all English Classes
    Participation = homework, class work,and class participation

    Final = cold read exams and unit performance tasks

    Tests = tests and quizzes with varying point values to determine weight

    Assignments = writing projects, projects, larger homework assignments etc....

    Late assignments are at the discretion of the teacher, and will be graded as late with up to 10 points off per day.
    Students will be informed as to the weight of the assignment when it is assigned.  
    Mandatory Homework


    Students are required to complete one hour of English SAT Preparation per week using Khan Academy/College Board online exercises.

    Students will link their College Board Account with their Khan Academy Account. By linking these two accounts students will automatically be enrolled in a scholarship contest sponsored by College Board.

    Mrs. Billet will receive weekly reports directly from Khan Academy throughout the semester. 


    Welcome Parents & Students!
    Thank you for visiting my website. Please visit often to get the latest news and information on what is happening in our class. If you have any questions about our program or a student's progress please don't hesitate to contact me! I am looking forward to working with you this year!
    **Parents if you would like to discuss your child's progress. You can email me at billetr@hasdk12.org.
    Or you can call me at the HAAS school at (570) 459-3221 Ext. 88500 or you can schedule a parent conference.


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